TripleO Set Hosts File After Deployment

Especially when testing recurring deployments on a test environment, it is easier to access overcloud nodes with user-friendly names like “controller0”  or “compute3”.
Use this script to update your /etc/hosts after a successful deployment.
The script depends on having the stackrc file sourced prior to running it.
It will require sudo permissions in order to make modifications to /etc/hosts. I normally run it as user stack with sudo and using -E to preserve stack’s env:

Neutron: Remove All Network Components

Sometimes when playing around with a virtual environment (or just a test environment) you want to remove the entire network configuration, and as you might know — you cannot simply remove what you want from Neutron. There are dependencies and you need to remove network elements accordingly. For example, you cannot remove a virtual router before having cleared its gateway interface or other interfaces to subnets.

This script should help you clean everything from Neutron. It only requires the environmental variables to be loaded.
It is designed to be used with TripleO deployments on the undercloud. Though, you can tweak the environment variables checks to allow it work anywhere.
Use with care!

TripleO: Getting All ‘brbm’ Network MACs

When using the virtual environment setup of TripleO you might end up manually adding “baremetalbrbm” nodes to Ironic. In which case you would want to know the MAhyC addresses of the new nodes. You can use the following script on the libvirt hypervisor to get the MAC addresses of the “brbm” network:

Example output: