IRI Playbook – Some Facts

IOTA Reference Implementation (FullNode) Playbook

Installing and running a full-node made simple!

The iri-playbook uses the software Ansible which is widely used in professional IT environments:

Ansible is used to automate apps and IT infrastructure (Application Deployment + Configuration Management + Continuous Delivery)

A playbook is a set of instructions executed by Ansible.

  • The IRI playbook has been released in early December 2017 in an effort to help users have their full-node installed and configured in the simplest way possible.
  • It already has more than 1200+ installations to date (based on Github’s unique clone statistics)
  • It includes a “Getting Started Quickly” (one command) to get a node fully installed and configured in less than 15 minutes.
  • The IRI playbook can be used by anyone: no previous knowledge of Linux is required.

The Wiki and Repository


The iri-playbook installation includes:

  • Latest IRI configured and running
  • Can install & configure multiple nodes in parallel
  • Support for Linux distributions: CentOS and Ubuntu
  • IOTA Peer Manager GUI for node’s neighbor management
  • IOTA Prometheus Exporter for node’s metrics and Tangle statistics
  • Prometheus & Grafana to process metrics and display awesome graphs
  • Alertmanager to trigger (email) alerts based on configured rules
  • HAProxy reverse proxy for IRI’s API port for security policies and logging
  • CarrIOTA Field optional add-on to add the node to the CarrIOTA proxy/field
  • Nelson optional add-on to automatically manage node’s neighbors
  • Comprehensive Wiki including information about security hardening
  • Firewall configuration

The iri-playbook includes some useful utility scripts:

iric is a menu-driven configuration and management utility for the full-node’s services and maintenance tasks, database downloads, neighbor management and more. It makes maintenance of the node a child’s play.

nbctl is a script to help manage the node’s neighbors (add/remove/list). It is used by iric under the hood.

ps_mem a script which offers a nice overview of total memory consumption per process.

  • The IRI playbook configures Nginx as web-server to reverse proxy and set password access for several processes (e.g. IOTA Peer Manager, Prometheus etc.)
  • It provides automated SSL certificate creation and configuration (self-signed) which can later be changed to user’s supplied SSL certificate(s).
  • The project provides a fully-synced IOTA database to help kick-start new nodes.

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